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Karal of Other Verified Reviewer Original review: You can filter by categories such as your preferred age, location, religion, or even height. The ladies that men see are just photographs taken at random by someone working the scheme.

Z00sk login

They are a site set up to fleece the unsuspecting. She was impatient to reprimand him and completely not listening to me. Come one man, let's be real.

Z00sk login

Z00sk login

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  1. It's manipulative and dishonest.

  2. But how are you supposed to know if you don't pay?

  3. But come on man, paying to message?

  4. Zoosk retrieved a picture from a device that I downloaded the Zoosk app to but never logged in from that device. You and others provide all the content, they provide an app, that links the content, that is virtually all they do.

  5. This cycle of viewing others and having them view me was gratifying for about a day, after that the incessant messages notifying me of random viewings became annoying, so I would only log in intermittently, and of course, if you're not logged in, you don't get viewed. Some I have contacted, they informed me that they hadn't viewed my profile.

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