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Though Yuggs can exist anywhere, they prefer to spend most of their time burrowing beneath the earth's crust. The term "Yuggya" can also be used as the plural for "Yugg".


It's a competent fighter with insanely high hit points. It has extremely high morale and it's totally aggressive. The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana 2nd ed.



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  1. Carter, Lin []. For the record, this quote is from a fictitious translation by John Dee.

  2. Being made of flesh, it's vulnerable to nothing in particular.

  3. The Xothic Legend Cycle: For the record, this quote is from a fictitious translation by John Dee.

  4. It can see, is able to smell characters, can hear noises , can bash destroyable objects in its way like doors , destroys anything in its way like walls , is poisonous to eat produces tainted meat when butchered , its attacks can poison you, doesn't breathe it's not affected by smoke , toxic gases , drowning, etc , is able to dig through the ground becoming immune to traps and fields , can produce fat when butchered , and nothing else. Description[ edit ] In particular it be those of the minions that inhabit the noisome depths beneath the Earth's crust that lure men to their dreadful service through promise of wealth; for all the ore and riches of the world be theirs to dispense, aye, mines of gold and great heaps of inestimable gems.

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