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I just wish I had a cape too. I have appreciated a sympathetic look in my darkest days. Whether you are a new widow, well on your widowhood journey or looking for resources for a friend, we hope that our words… Holiday Traditions and Grief Traditions

Young widows blog

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Young widows blog

Young widows blog

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  1. I have no partner to get up with kids while I get a much deserved sleep in.

  2. And on this day that honours the work of motherhood, I want to shout, yell and holler from the rooftops…look at me world! Veterans Day is November

  3. Almost as if there is a formal dictation that says a man goes from being a boyfriend to a fiance to a husband to a late husband — and so it is written; and so it shall be. Thursday, May 18, White Shoes Today I saw too many people standing on the side of the road, asking for help.

  4. I'm lucky to have them here and that we all took the leap of faith to Austin together, even though I ended up moving a bit further south when I fell in love with Sheldon.

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