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Warning flags, lights, signs and more can be securely mounted to each unit. Watch the Fox12 news story!


The Yodock SL can also be filled with foam material. For this application, a safety rail can be installed to brace the barriers and keep them aligned. Lower transportation costs due to reduced weight and stackability Lower yard and capital costs due to our product s versatility We deliver the industries most durable product which creates minimal repair costs Decreased liability exposure due to the Yodock thorough testing procedures and programs.



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  1. The Yodock Wall Company has the finest ballastable barriers and channelizers for any industry.

  2. Improving safety and saving money. No Heavy Lifting Equipment Required - Our range of Yodock products can all be installed without the requirement for heavy lifting equipment.

  3. Yodock Fence Tops available - We can supply you with fence tops and other accessories to tailor the Yodock barricade to your needs.

  4. Warning flags, lights, signs and more can be securely mounted to each unit. Motor City Fence, Inc.

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