Yemen traditional clothing


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Home Travel Yemeni Dress: There are lots of different types of models, from full and flowing to very tight.

Yemen traditional clothing

The traditional diet varies locally and socially and is open to innovations. Freitag, Ulrike, and William G. Rituals and Holy Places.

Yemen traditional clothing

Yemen traditional clothing

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  1. Small children usually are carried by their caretakers. In the past, there were even class divides by the headgears.

  2. Socotra, Island of Tranquility ,

  3. All these strata tend to be endogamous or, in the south, observe the marital rule of hypergamy, in which men marry within their strata or lower and women marry their equals or higher-status men.

  4. Middle Eastern men are rather passionate, so many women began to cover their bodies to protect themselves from pestering.

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