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What once was rough and choppy and surprising is now polished and smooth. She tells him of the time when they will meet in 80 years. The linework is surer and has a greater dynamic range, the color manages naturalism and pop in one fell swoop, and the environment is fully realized, its every element highly detailed and perfectly consistent from frame to frame.


Xombi certainly feels more densely packed and exciting than the average DC pamphlet, but the non sequitur plotting the villain catches "semicolon cancer" from a book! He developed a nanotechnological virus capable of extensive tissue regeneration.



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  1. This embroiled him in the affairs of various races of supernatural beings that secretly lived among humanity for millennia , known collectively as the shadow worlds. However, they can be destroyed from creative application of oral tradition and folklore.

  2. Black linework is used sparingly or not at all, popping up only in an outline here or a solid dark patch there, while swirling gradients of hot pink and silvery blue sculpt forms and dictate texture and contour.

  3. Sugarman broke into his lab and tried to steal the virus. There's no denying that the Xombi sequence is the work of a more accomplished artist.

  4. The origin of her powers is unknown, but she views them as being a heavenly gift. However, since the nanites used available matter to restore Kim, Kelly—who had laid his body on her lap—was partially "devoured" by the nanites.

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