Writing an amends letter


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In equal measure, I put pressure on myself to change and pressure on our children to change. For these things I am forever grateful. You must accept responsibility for your harmful behaviors and for the words you write in the letter.

Writing an amends letter

I appreciate that you did the best you knew how to make me happy and your willingness to go to counseling with me and try to make our marriage succeed. I am eternally grateful to Charlotte for shepherding us through the work in the specific arena of Divorce and I am grateful to all of my classmates. Yet we will never gain back our power if we do not see how we could have acted differently on our own behalf.

Writing an amends letter

Writing an amends letter

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  1. I did not dare believe in your dedication or give you the trust you rightfully deserved.

  2. So if you are writing a letter or meeting with someone who has hurt you and you are assuming that telling your story will earn you an apology, you are likely to be disappointed. First I need to feel remorse and then let that remorse create sincere compassion.

  3. She was vulnerable financially.

  4. This is the level of involvement former marriage partners usually reach. Within the larger context of my life, this experience and the subsequent events were an incredible learning experience and a key ingredient in my journey towards interior deepening.

  5. I have been in the habit for the last several years of writing letters to people with whom I have unfinished business, people I need to forgive, people I want to forgive me. The truth will set us free, but finding the truth can be painful.

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