Worms in pork coke


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Let us learn if the said claim is really a fact or not. Separate legends involving pork and Coca-Cola have been combined into a sort of meta-legend, one which holds that pouring Coke over a piece of uncooked pork will cause worms to come crawling out of the meat:

Worms in pork coke

You can use a food thermometer to measure the internal temperature of cooked meat. This is believed to be a type of tapeworm, according to the supporters of the rumor.

Worms in pork coke

Worms in pork coke

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  1. Conclusion Soaking raw, uncooked pork meat in coke does not cause worms to surface, the claim, as such, is an urban legend that has been around for more than a decade now. At great personal expense, we verified this conclusion by obtaining a pork chop from the local supermarket and marinating it in a can of Coca-Cola Classic, producing no discernable result other than a slightly soggy chop.

  2. Pouring Coca-Cola onto a piece of raw pork will not cause worms to come crawling out of the meat.

  3. However, as the Centers for Disease Control CDC note, the incidence of trichinosis associated with pork consumption is now much less common due to a number of factors: In February a spoof video based on this legend made the rounds of the Internet:

  4. There are also many other videos showing no such thing happens.

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