Womens thong leotard


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Suitable for summer beach wears. Before purchasing the product do check the size chart for clear understanding. When I was a little girl in tap class, I got my own first leotard, a light blue long-sleeve garment with a zipper down the front.

Womens thong leotard

I still wear it today, on Halloween. Made from mix of Polyester and Spandex The women leotard has a high cut thong design.

Womens thong leotard

Womens thong leotard

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  1. Before purchasing the product do check the size chart for clear understanding.

  2. But unlike Jennifer, Debbie avoided panty lines by going sans. If you have a dance sequence to perform, gymnastic performance or want to team up casual wear, these deep neck line leotards will be stylish for wear without breaking the budget.

  3. The thong leotard high cut is available in 7 different colors. Being a fitness instructor then was like embracing the Wild West.

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