Women mastutbating


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It also fosters feelings of guilt in people who also believe in their religion. This entry was posted in Is It Unhealthy by Zaheer ud din babar. The idea that masturbation can do things like cause blindness, hair on palms, hair loss, infertility, you name it are all ideas that came out of ignorance or shame about sexuality or masturbation.

Women mastutbating

It bothers the sexual partners and thus affects relationships. None of those things are or ever have been factual, and all of them have been disproven, study after study.

Women mastutbating

Women mastutbating

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  1. It leads to the deficiency of protein and thus hair loss.

  2. It overrules the risk of infecting any sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

  3. But how much do you really know about "alone time"?

  4. But masturbation itself simply doesn't have that power, and doctors and sexuality experts know this to be true, and it's been proven again and again. It bothers the sexual partners and thus affects relationships.

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