Why widows don t remarry


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We hold hands and talk nonstop. Embrace and carry forward the legacies that were entrusted to you by your late beloved.

Why widows don t remarry

Now, by living this incredible new life, does that mean that I have forgotten about or betrayed my past life? She lovingly remembers his words and encouragement.

Why widows don t remarry

Why widows don t remarry

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  1. I love it here now, but it took a while.

  2. And if two lie down together, they keep warm. We spent hours in the emergency room that day, and together we agreed to stay off ladders, or at least never to climb one when the other is not around.

  3. A widowed should thereafter resign themselves to functioning in life with grief and mourning as their core and living a destiny that they did not choose. For if either falls, the other will lift up his companion.

  4. You need another point of view. People were shocked at this "stunning revelation", as the same actor has been happily remarried for a number of years.

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