Why millennials suck


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Check out his podcast and give it a subscribe if you enjoy. Learn from those who blazed new trails, and spend less time watching the clock and more time supporting the mission and vision of your organization. Oct 31, Episode 83 - Britt Basel Ecothropic Oct 24, I spoke to Britt Basel about her work helping sustain and preserve indigenous communities around the world, the work she's done in Mexico bringing clean water to remote communities, and the time she's spent with National Geographic leading photography expeditions.

Why millennials suck

We dug down deep into the world of podcasting, our crazy political landscape, and life as a something Angeleno. We take a lot of twists and turns in this one. The graduation class size?

Why millennials suck

Why millennials suck

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  1. Millennials are not lazy, they are not disloyal and they certainly are not destroying the culture as we know it. Mike always encouraged me, stretched me and gave me opportunity.

  2. Stop being so insular. Try empathy on for size.

  3. Or flying home for the weekend to recover from office burnout by getting some shut-eye in my pristine childhood bedroom. At least 18 months, according to most career experts.

  4. First there was Talia Jane, the dopey, year-old Yelp employee who was rightly fired for whining about her low salary on social media. He added a bonus discussion about being clean-shaven.

  5. Fellow millennials, I want to like you. Getting a job is hard.

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