Why do men become womanizers


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They want the sexiest they can get, but they will still take what they can get. A womanizer knows exactly how to make a woman feel special, different from the rest, and like his one and only.

Why do men become womanizers

The lure of the pipe and slippers is irresistible, and that's why even the most rakish ones generally end up getting married and taking on a not-very-good-looking mistress with whom they have much in common. If she has, you probably remember her wandering around the house, Miss Havisham-style, cursing the monster who stole her youth, all the while preparing her daughters to venture out and wreak revenge on the world of all men. While the former British prime minister is no Sauveterre, he does share the same lust for a variety of female company.

Why do men become womanizers

Why do men become womanizers

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  1. Like Bill Clinton, they can get away with anything and they know it. As the French duke says, " J'ai horreur de coucher seul.

  2. Womanizers know that, which is why they become Mr.

  3. At the mention of his name, women "turn their heads like dogs who hear somebody unwrapping a piece of chocolate. They become too eager to believe, or they can't resist indulging themselves in their emotional and physical needs before they have found the true nature of the other person.

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