Why do cats hate bananas


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Be careful with the soaps and cleaning products that you get, both for cleaning the house and their litter box and food bowl. Such is the case with smells, which is certainly an interesting topic within the feline world.

Why do cats hate bananas

Other Cats While cats don't necessarily mind the smell of cats they are familiar with, the smell of a new cat in the household can send your feline into a tizzy. Remember that cats, in this case, are also like people. These rules, which are natural and innate in them, don't only apply to their personal hygiene.

Why do cats hate bananas

Why do cats hate bananas

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  1. Rub the outside of a banana peel on the sofa, or leave it there for a day, if you don't want your cat to have a nap there and leave their hair all over it. Their sense of smell perceives these as if they are toxic.

  2. Certain Fruits and Vegetables While fruits and vegetables might smell good to people, cats have another opinion altogether. Remember that your cat is close to the ground, so avoid using strong smelling chemicals to clean the floors.

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