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However, the team's fortunes plummeted after the season, plagued by loss teams and scarred by the notorious Disco Demolition Night promotion in Rick Renteria , the White Sox bench coach , was promoted to the role of manager.

White sox official

The White Sox finished the season , their th in Chicago, with a record, a 3-game improvement over The White Sox broke the single season strike out record in only a year after the Milwaukee Brewers broke the record in the season.

White sox official

White sox official

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  1. Schneider's new role with the team will be as an advisor on medical issues pertaining to free-agency, the amateur draft, and player acquisition. But whatever the reasoning, Jimenez will not put on a White Sox uniform in the final month of the season.

  2. And no one knows what those developmental milestones are besides the White Sox front office.

  3. This season, he slashed. But the White Sox were, somewhat shockingly given the point in their ongoing rebuild, in on both.

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