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Examples include your memory of how to walk, drive, or swim. Repeated exposure to any stimulus increases the likelihood of retention, especially when the information is identical each time, as it will be with a recording. The Concert for Sandy Relief on 12 December

Where are you song lyrics

Consider upgrading your browser. Music can trigger these in of itself and we can link it to emotional events, becoming representative of our big highs and lows.

Where are you song lyrics

Where are you song lyrics

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  1. Furthermore, an episode even took its title from the song Season 1 Episode 6. Live performances[ edit ] This song was first performed live at the Gaumont State Cinema , Kilburn on 15 December , albeit without synthesizers and only a portion of the lyrics.

  2. In general, emotional memories are easily recalled without repeated exposure.

  3. Or what you wore the day you got your results? A common reaction to music, lyrical or not, is to learn to sing along, even if we only do this out loud in the privacy of the shower.

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