When a narcissist goes silent


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When that happens, both partners communicate that this is what they need. It is an effective way of getting us to hand over boundaries and gain control.

When a narcissist goes silent

Things happen like the narcissist switches their phone off, and you leave numerous missed calls, which the narcissist later showcases to everyone convincing people that you are abusive, controlling and crazy. You are likely to react because this triggers deep insecurities within you. While all of this chaos is happening, you are so busy wondering why the Narcissist is always unhappy that you may be missing a very important part of the big picture — a picture that includes a lot more than your crazy relationship dynamics.

When a narcissist goes silent

When a narcissist goes silent

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  1. These cruel acts continue to happen, for no valid reason.

  2. Now he or she can twist things, blame you, or leave, adding the cruelty of abandonment on top of narcissistic silent treatment. The narcissist thrives off of the power and control they feel as they continue to pull the strings of the victim like a master puppeteer.

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