When a leo man is angry


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You must give him this and give it willingly. He is the last one who will shirk commitment.

When a leo man is angry

They are exceptionally unwavering when it comes to their beliefs. They will not waste time pondering on whether or not to exact a revenge.

When a leo man is angry

When a leo man is angry

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  1. Even after the adversary is "defeated", like the receding water of a tsunami, a Leo will continue to destruct until the lion has had its fill.

  2. They are unusually calm and composed in most situations, and carry their dignity in everything they do or say. So I end up saying nothing n still he gets even more angry.

  3. He wanted the best for you by not hurting you again. Summarizing a Leo as "Cool", "Beautiful", or "Genius" would certainly bring their smile come back.

  4. But their sense of responsibility towards their duty to protect their near and dear ones trumps all fear factors.

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