Whats a chicana


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It's not a category that appears on any U. More than ten-thousand students walked out of their schools in protest of the poor education systems.

Whats a chicana

Anyone from the United States is referred to in Spanish as norteamericano or estadounidense. The social workers don't even knock on our door, they too scared," he said, cracking everyone up.

Whats a chicana

Whats a chicana

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  1. A Chicano was someone who could do anything. We are the only tribe that has all chiefs and no Indians.

  2. I am a Chicana Feminist because I cannot separate my race and culture from my gender. They stopped too, then stared at me.

  3. So what is a "Latino?

  4. Like in the song I wrote to be sung by a Chicano trying to be P. All those groups and their descendents living in the United States want to be called Latinos to recognize their Indian roots.

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