Whatever happened to dusty springfield


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Springfield was popular in Europe and performed at the Sanremo Music Festival. She bleached her hair and turned herself into someone else. I myself can recall heaps of furious married dragon-women in Wales, who wore wrinkle-resistant Crimplene trousers and sublimated their feelings working with horses or running Girl Guide camps.

Whatever happened to dusty springfield

Jean Ryder, who went on to work as a backing singer for Dusty for many of her early recordings and performances, remembered her shy, insecure nature, as well as a musical perfectionism that often brought her in to conflict with male session musicians and the chauvinistic record industry. Recordings were released in French, German, and Italian: The local music that Springfield heard during this visit, in particular " Tell Him ," helped turn her style from folk and country towards pop music rooted in rhythm and blues.

Whatever happened to dusty springfield

Whatever happened to dusty springfield

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  1. I just don't get any good ideas and the ones I do get are pinched from other records. She festooned a house with lavatory paper, flung food in restaurants, and threw all her furniture into the swimming pool.

  2. Women must marry, and marry young, to avoid a life on the shelf. Mike Hurst, who later joined the group in place of Tim Feild, remembered Dusty and Tom for their rigorous professionalism, and hours of rehearsals.

  3. When she returned to England a few months later, her physicians diagnosed breast cancer.

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