What to expect at the gynecologist


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Many primary doctors also perform them—just ask! How effective will it be? If you choose, a nurse or family member may join you for any part of the exam.

What to expect at the gynecologist

They will also teach you how to give yourself a personal breast exam. The Bimanual Exam With a gloved hand, the examiner will insert one or two lubricated fingers into the vagina while the other hand presses down on the lower abdomen. Glossary When should I have my first gynecologic visit?

What to expect at the gynecologist

What to expect at the gynecologist

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  1. This may be slightly uncomfortable, but it should NOT be painful. Some people have a few cramps when they get a Pap smear.

  2. In this exam, the doctor looks at the vulva. Shower normally with soap and water, but avoid using powders or creams, since they can affect test results.

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