What to do with a compulsive liar


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Usually they only do so when directed by court order, after they've gotten into trouble, he says. The reasons for this debate are beyond the scope of this article, but one thing is for certain:

What to do with a compulsive liar

Here are a few pointers to help you handle a conversation with a pathological liar: Liars' brains may differ structurally from the average brain.

What to do with a compulsive liar

What to do with a compulsive liar

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  1. The person may be driven by an underlying personality disorder, anxiety , or low self-esteem.

  2. Diagnosing a pathological liar Diagnosing a pathological liar can be difficult because of the many possible causes of the behavior.

  3. They have no regard for another's feelings about what might happen as a result of their lies," Feldman says. Definitions are fluid, experts say.

  4. It can test the trust in any relationship and make it hard to even have a simple conversation with the person.

  5. Expect denial Someone who pathologically lies may have the tendency to first respond with a lie.

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