What kind of dog is a shorkie


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Some Shorkies may bark. This is a dog that is intensely loyal to its owners, from whom it cannot bear to be separated. Puppy kindergarten classes almost always help.

What kind of dog is a shorkie

The difference between the minimum and maximum weight are due to the unpredictability of crossbreeds; in some cases, Shorkie puppies turn out to be tiny like Yorkies, or an average-sized small breed dog, like their Shih Tzu parent. Never underestimate their size because hidden underneath is a large heart fully capable of loving you with all its life.

What kind of dog is a shorkie

What kind of dog is a shorkie

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  1. This mixed breed is already very small in size and to breed them any smaller would make them more susceptible to hereditary health problems including birth defects.

  2. This gives the pup a secure space of its own that it will be reluctant to soil.

  3. As such, it is also highly possible that a Yorkie Tzu will have the same problems; hence, frequent toothbrushing is recommended. They make for great watchdogs but are also perfectly at home cuddled up on your lap.

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