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The most important aspects you will notice with THUMP is our professionalism to training and development for instructors and our focus on safety and injury prevention. The instructors are fantastic — very friendly and enthusiastic.

What is thump boxing

It's makes going to a course with a group of strangers so much better when you can all have a laugh while learning a very technical skill set such as boxing for fitness, it was great to come back and complete the Advanced course with you again!! Identifying the need for quality education and training many Cert 3 and 4 providers have taken the extra step in offering their students a complete package of career options in the fast growing fitness industry meaning students can now expect to graduate with the right accreditation in boxing for fitness. I've been going to you guys for I think years now and I'm not saying that the other instructors are no good, I'm just saying that this instructor was an absolutely champion!

What is thump boxing

What is thump boxing

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  1. Trainers need to be educated when teaching any program of fitness due to the high calibre of movement involved meaning their clients bodies are at risk if not taught properly. THUMP Boxing programs are closely aligned to professional boxing principles which can be adapted in a safe fitness environment.

  2. Instructors were relying on other sources and organisations to constantly supply them with material for their training sessions.

  3. THUMP teaches trainers the functional fitness principles behind boxing and what the physiological benefits are to the human body.

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