What is fubar site


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Fubar is a pretty big player among the top hookup sites: I have witnessed Scrapper on many an occasion work with an upset member, calm them down and help resolve a situation, with that user ending up happy and understanding that admin is fair and does anything they can to resolve problems. I don't recommend anyone going to this site, if nobody goes then nobody pays for anything, if nobody pays for anything, then the site dies.:

What is fubar site

Nov 13, About Fubar more than 13 million users in a database, constantly growing; the concept: When I first joined fubar, I started making new friends quickly people who rated my profile and pictures because I rated theirs.

What is fubar site

What is fubar site

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  1. You may earn virtual money — so-called fuBucks.

  2. Anyone considering signing-up for that site There are other many, many other websites out there that function either as social networking sites for meeting new friends, like FreezeCrowd , or online dating sites for meeting new romantic hookups, like Fling.

  3. These features will range in price.

  4. These features will range in price. Apr 9, Fubar and all of their staff are nothing more than a bunch of cyber bullies Why does fubar suck?

  5. So i created a new account and checked the old account..

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