What is ddlg about


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Again, think collars, cute ears, tags, toys and tails! The Little Role A little is very complicated. Enjoy being pet, played with and taken care of.

What is ddlg about

Those with a sadistic streak may cause his Little physical pain per her desire and for her own good , but never emotional pain. A brat can be in any age range! Both have rules and punishments, but in DDLG they are much more relaxed.

What is ddlg about

What is ddlg about

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  1. A Kitten can be any age as well. Generally more independent and enjoy cartoons, colouring and tons and tons of stuffies!

  2. Trail of Misconceptions First and foremost, DDLG is absolutely not incest, pedophelia, or sex with minors, nor does it condone any of these things. She is a sexy woman and a cute girl; a no mess business woman who also sleeps with a teddy bear.

  3. A brat can be in any age range! This fetish might have similar components with BDSM, but it leans much more to an air of caring, loving, nurturing, and guidance.

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