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This is especially true for folks with non-mainstream desires, like queer people, kinksters, and those into BDSM. The Bible makes clear that watching pornography is sinful.

Watch ponography

And that years afterward, long after they had left the military, they still had trouble sleeping more than four hours a night, which sometimes led to issues like depression. When the unemployment rate is at its lowest, so are Google searches for porn. Porn helps to normalize desires.

Watch ponography

Watch ponography

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  1. Beginning in the Garden of Eden and continuing throughout the Bible, we find those who take pleasure in another's nakedness outside of marriage are depicted as shameful and due condemnation. Let your spouse, friend, or parent set the password and hide it from you.

  2. One of the most surprising data he analyzes is what people search for when they are unemployed. Just go to bed.

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