Waianae ghetto


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The road completely stops just a few blocks up from where I was staying. Other teens her age talk openly about their families and lives. The camp is divided into three sections, each with at least two section captains, who report to Twinkle.

Waianae ghetto

Drugs destroy families and lives. May Trip type:

Waianae ghetto

Waianae ghetto

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  1. People will do just about anything to escape the harsh realities of their life, she says.

  2. Jo Jordan, whose district includes Waianae, is beginning to push harder for state action to clear the camp. Beautiful mutt I was extremely tempted to take home from the hostel I was staying in!

  3. We often attribute them with having these larger than life qualities—old souls full of ancient wisdom.

  4. The only time they wear closed-toed shoes is when they need to deal with trouble at a campsite. If she wears lipstick and cleans up her yard, she says, perhaps that will inspire a neighbor to do the same.

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