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The committee has been meeting yearly to explore areas of scientific cooperation, technical assistance and environmental remediation of dioxin. Following the conference, the U. The commission's research project in association with Rutgers University was called "The Pointman Project".

Vietnam red tube

The affected residents are living in substandard conditions with many genetic diseases. In , the first U. He concluded Agent Orange was not considered a poison under international law at the time of its use by the U.

Vietnam red tube

Vietnam red tube

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  1. A further review of the case by the whole panel of judges of the Court of Appeals also confirmed this decision. The movement of dioxins through the food web has resulted in bioconcentration and biomagnification.

  2. This list now includes B cell leukemias, such as hairy cell leukemia , Parkinson's disease and ischemic heart disease , these last three having been added on August 31, Some of the soil and sediment on the bases have extremely high levels of dioxin requiring remediation.

  3. Several highly placed individuals in government are voicing concerns about whether some of the diseases on the list should, in fact, actually have been included.

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