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Marulanda argued that immigration laws and ordinances in certain municipalities could create similar situations to those experienced by African Americans in sundown towns. Vidor school officials have plastered the beaming face of a black girl on billboards and have mounted an aggressive public relations campaign promoting the family-friendly benefits of living in Vidor. More than a few whites were unabashed in telling a reporter they didn't want black folks in their neighborhoods.

Vidor texas sundown town

The suburbs often did not provide schools for blacks, causing black families to send their children to school in large municipalities such as Atlanta, Georgia. Powell, was in visible and important policy-making positions in the Bush administration. In some cases, the exclusion was official town policy or was promulgated by the community's real estate agents via exclusionary covenants governing who could buy or rent property.

Vidor texas sundown town

Vidor texas sundown town

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