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Of the 19, veterans who underwent the unneeded exams, 14, of them saw no change to their disability evaluations. In many cases, veterans were sent back to the VA after waiting 48 days, on average, to get an appointment with a doctor in the private sector. In one case, the third party scheduled a primary care appointment in New York for a veteran living in Idaho.

Vawatchdog org

Latest data from the VA shows 32 percent of appointments made by veterans were sent to outside providers in fiscal , up from 23 percent that were sent to the private sector in fiscal With Scott dropping in and out of touch and the future uncertain for VAWatchdog. If you give a guy a wrong piece of information, you can cause him problems.

Vawatchdog org

Vawatchdog org

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  1. Shulkin described a plan Wednesday to allow veterans to access private-sector doctors for urgent care. One veteran in Florida was given an appointment with a specialist in California.

  2. The program, meant to be only temporary, is set to expire in August, and lawmakers are trying to devise a system to replace it.

  3. As he told The Oregonian, "I go out and verify.

  4. Conservative-leaning veterans group Concerned Veterans for America recently released a proposal for radical change for how private-sector care is managed, and President Donald Trump has said he wants all veterans to have access to the private market.

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