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One of his closest friends was Sir Joseph Banks, and at home in England he had everything at his beck and call. Townson also helped to establish the Sydney Dispensary which gave free medical attention to the poor. But he didn't stay at Varro Ville for long, accepting a top government job in the colony of South Australia in


This does not augur well for the proper operation of the planning system which should be responsive to the concerns and objections of other local landholders, the local Council, the NSW Heritage Office and the National Trust. We understand our life of prayer as our apostolic service of the Church and our sharing in her saving mission. In , these two Carmels, Parkes and Dulwich Hill, merged together to establish a new community at Varroville which is located about fifty kms south-west of Sydney.



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  1. Heritage identification, management and interpretation are required so that heritage places and stories can be experienced by current and future generations. From here Carmel reached out around Australia.

  2. Macquarie not only confirmed a large land grant for Townson at Botany Bay, but also gave him an additional acres ha in the local area.

  3. The Greater Sydney Commission states that this year District Plan is a bridge between regional and local planning. Thus a development of the type proposed is totally unsuitable due to the massive change that it involves.

  4. The Western City District Plan has Planning Priority W16 — Protecting and enhancing scenic and cultural landscapes with its corresponding Objectives 18 — Scenic and cultural landscapes are protected.

  5. The Heritage Interpretation Strategy should be further expanded including development of detailed interpretation briefs, informed by archaeological test excavation, stakeholder consultation and any additional historical research.

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