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Male dancers in Glen Echo, Maryland, for example, tend not to wear skirts or to improvise during the dances, two things that are very common in the Valley. The avid dancers say they attend as many dances as they can because they love the music and the dancing, and because they love the friendly and welcoming community of people who treat them like family. They improvise at will by adding turns, twirls, claps, dips, and other swing-dance-inspired movements.

Valley contra dance

However, in this particular musical scene, dance and music have what musician David Cantieni calls "a symbiotic relationship," and every person who attends a contra dance in the Pioneer Valley is part of the music-making process. According to Ralph Sweet, a famous contra caller, this behavior is not typical outside the Pioneer Valley. They then either walk in a circle or "balance the ring" by stepping forward and back.

Valley contra dance

Valley contra dance

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  1. Every contra dancer we have met has been kind, friendly, and welcoming, and each has been very willing to help us learn more about contra dance.

  2. Also in Glen Echo, there are no dips or extra twirls, and nobody claps or tap dances extra percussion while traveling through the sets. Many dances start with this call, for it allows the dancers to meet their new neighbors and socialize at the start of each repetition of the dance.

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