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Only slight traces indicate that walls were decorated with multicolored paintings, which reflected lives of nobles and kings, epic stories and religious ceremonies, like those that archaeologists discovered in the settlement of Afrosiab near Samarkand. This name was mentioned in Arab sources about the town, which ruins were discovered on the settlement of Ming Urik.


In addition to the pottery, researchers found iron articles, terracotta figurines and toys. It was accompanied by open hostile actions, but more often it led to close trade and economic ties.



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  1. Shakhristan included monumental houses and handicraft workshops.

  2. Mostly, these facts are supplemented with archeology. Its area was about 35 hectares.

  3. The girl whimpered a little but held still. New coin appeared in the 7th century AD and there is the reason to connect it with the place of issue in Chach, in Ming Urik.

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