Upcoming craft sales in winnipeg


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Food is available, for purchase, courtesy of Willy Dogs. We foucus on on sweets and treats mostly all chocolate based and small hand crafted items and would like to share some products to add more options at the tables: Join us for your holiday one-stop shop!

Upcoming craft sales in winnipeg

See the poster for details! Last Chance Christmas Craft Sale!

Upcoming craft sales in winnipeg

Upcoming craft sales in winnipeg

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  1. Details October 11 — 14, Preshop Thursday October 11 6:

  2. Please email kellys craftedbyme. There will also be a kids area set up which will have crafts and colouring pages to keep your little one occupied while you shop!

  3. Hope you see everyone there! The Makeful channel is hitting the road with Signatures on a cross-county craft show adventure!

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