Unhealthy relationships quiz


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Remember the most important thing is your safety -- consider making a safety plan. Yes No Do I have trouble making time to listen to my partner when something is bothering them?

Unhealthy relationships quiz

Don't worry -- it's a good thing! Yes No The person I'm with tries to keep me from seeing or talking to my family and friends. I have sometimes felt that I was pushing a partner to show more feeling and closeness than she or he wanted.

Unhealthy relationships quiz

Unhealthy relationships quiz

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  1. Yes No Do I take out my frustrations on my partner, like snapping at them or giving them attitude? I worry a lot about romantic relationships.

  2. An unhealthy pattern is hard to change, so chat with a peer advocate at www. Yes No Do I make my partner feel bad about something nice they did for me that I didn't like, even though I know they tried their best?

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