Unexpected orgasm


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Though doctors usually have a good idea of where the needle should be, everyone is different and since the patients are awake, and just get local anesthesia, they do not feel the needle. His hope is that it will generate interest in funding for research into using the device to help women with orgasmic dysfunction.

Unexpected orgasm

Therefore, doctors simply apply pressure after the needle is inserted and ask patients what they are feeling. A reporter read the patent news, and wrote a story, opening the news up to the public.

Unexpected orgasm

Unexpected orgasm

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  1. Was the weirdest thing in the world and caught me completely off guard. A reporter read the patent news, and wrote a story, opening the news up to the public.

  2. At medical conferences other doctors have similar stories about the device, but Meloy is the first to suggest that the device could be a potential solution for women who have orgasmic dysfunction. It is still unclear as to the degree that the company wants to get involved in the alternate use.

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