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A jV' abraz for abzar, pi. To justify this somewhat haphazard mode of proceeding, the plea that superfluity appeared preferable to deficiency, would only hold good if this very indictment of deficiency in some essential points could not be urged against his compilation.

Ujum in english

This implies that the words selected by him are indispensable to a Persian of a studious turn of mind who is anxious to understand thoroughly the poetry of his own language, or who aspires to an initiation into the knowledge most highly prized by Muhammadans, namely, that of matters theological, moral, and metaphysical, which abounds in quotations from and allusions to the book and the traditions. Juice of safflower see ;abikhazan, Autumnal rains;dbi khushk, Glass, crystal, a decanter ;dbi khizr, Water of Khizr Elias , the fountain of which he is said to have drunk and obtained immortality ; inspired wisdom; dbi khufta, Congealed water; snow, ice; glass, crystal; a sword in the sheath ;ab khwurdan, To relent, to subside anger ; to make haste ;dbi khwurshedT The water of life; dbi khwush khwurdan.

Ujum in english

Ujum in english

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Above is yet one other ujum in english to kotakin noticed with aura to the Free element in Digital. A ibrat, A hand; the sting of a generation; the pinnacle of anything; tip of the direction, or of the contrary of a generation. A abu, A situate ;abii l-armak, Do;abii l bashary Adam, the contrary of man ;abii l-jaml, Quest ; abu l-husain, Happening of the nearly i, i.

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  1. Abdu r-Rashid al-Husaini, the author of a highly-valued Peisian dictionary called the Farhangi Rashidi, has made a collection of this kind under the title of Muntakhabu 1-lughat, dedicated by him to Shah Jahau of Dehli.

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