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He does not know Himself; how can he explain his business to others? This part is quite interesting and well done, but Grant spoils it by insisting that these are the prototypes of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon.

Typhonian oto

So therefore those Passions in ourselves which we understand to be Hindrances are not part of our True Will, but diseased Appetites, manifested in us through false early Training Whilst reading this book, I thought at first that Grant had finally run out of perplexing words. Incedentally, none of those involved had been in his order at the time of the Workings, something Grant just manages to not quite make clear.

Typhonian oto

Typhonian oto

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  1. He goes on for so long about how Moon-Blood is the true original sacrament and how it breeds abhorrent monsters in the Aether that it seems both offensive and ridiculous.

  2. Of course, it should be noted once again that I do not object to Typhonian practices as occult techniques, as methods of inducing states of consciousness, as recreation, or even as imaginative exercises to generate inspiration for art, all of which are perfectly legitimate uses of such practices.

  3. Yet, if it's impossible to know anything, on what grounds could these practitioners actually claim that their practices "work" to reveal the True Will? Certainly there are more than enough new strange words to satisfy anyone.

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