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The history of the treatment of juvenile delinquency in New Jersey was set forth in State v. The statute above referred to is also implemented by Supreme Court Rule 6:


A tale that speaks out to teachers, parents, and anyone who has ever set foot in a high school classroom. Proper application having been made in this case, the juvenile court had the power and the duty to hold a hearing in the presence of Tuddles on the question of referral. Byrne, Prosecutor of Essex County, attorney; Mr.



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  1. He further testified that his son was the same Robert Tuddles who had appeared before the juvenile court before on charges of delinquency; that he had been placed on probation; and that he the father had previously signed a complaint to have Tuddles committed as an incorrigible. It demands that a hearing be held with the juvenile present.

  2. On January 2, the Grand Jury returned indictments against both defendants for murder. The decision under N.

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