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The third type is a person who starts out as a transvestite. They are, post-op, pre-op, and non-op, respectively. So you can see how, in each person sometimes, you can have one gender identity or two gender identities, one gender role or two gender roles.

Ts transsexual

Some even experience a "post-transition blues", a let-down feeling that can follow such a profound project. A lot of their psyche is taken up by crossgender identity.

Ts transsexual

Ts transsexual

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  1. Instead it is meant to be place where these many diverse yet representative role models can come forward and become more visible - role models who are mostly accessible via the internet for interactions and help. Some even experience a "post-transition blues", a let-down feeling that can follow such a profound project.

  2. Therefore, most postop women work hard during their early post-transition years to refine all aspects of presentation and behavior that affect their passability.

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