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Student health centers at schools from the various Bowl Championship Series conferences are ranked on the students' opinion of subjects such as their health center, condom and other contraceptive availability, HIV and STD testing, student peer groups, sexual assault programs and resources, and website usability. Read the full story. The only way to find out is to sample a variety of condoms on your own, said Stephanie Berez, the group brand manager for Trojan.

Trojan gold condoms

Magnum condoms are slightly larger than the standard Trojan condom. Each manufacturer has a slightly different take and will feel different. How will I know if a condom is the right fit?

Trojan gold condoms

Trojan gold condoms

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  1. Marketing[ edit ] In , in order to introduce Trojan condoms in the United Kingdom , a humorous fake official web site for the so-called Trojan Games was created.

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