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Louis are memories of that school. I think some people are attracted to poetry because it allows you to use the voice of God rather than the voice of a person; a mountaintop voice as opposed to the voice of a small flesh statistic.

Tricia lockwood

Which poets or works do you consider primary influences? The rhythms were so fine and firm and went from argument to seduction and back again, sometimes within the same verse. Inspiration, it seems, is everywhere.

Tricia lockwood

Tricia lockwood

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  1. They'll either trip me or they won't.

  2. It's an oddity, so I can certainly understand why they mention it, but a lot of times it doesn't make that much sense in the context of the poems, or it gives people expectations about the poetry that it can't fulfill—like that it'll be really short and full of whimsical insights about Count Chocula. Still, to be totally fair, there are a couple poems in the collection that arose directly out of Twitter musings, like the poem about Bambi and the poem about the hypnodomme.

  3. Go deep into the voice—it isn't yours, it's the poems', and you do feel for a short interval freer of the bounded, local self.

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