Transportable skills


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Employers want to hire professionals who, yes, have technical skillsets, but they are also looking for candidates who will be a good fit for the team, which means these individuals must be a good fit for the organization personality-wise, too. This is an urban legend, and its persistence is due to the idea that the breathtaking number seven seems to capture something important about the Zeitgeist of our era.

Transportable skills

Brian Fetherstonhaugh offers practical exercises, useful advice—and deep insights into what a meaningful career looks and feels like. One of the great lessons of life after graduation is seeing how people work together in an organization to accomplish a shared goal. But is it enough?

Transportable skills

Transportable skills

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  1. But is it enough? One of the great lessons of life after graduation is seeing how people work together in an organization to accomplish a shared goal.

  2. Just that he had to bring them out on the table. He believes we need more than tactics—we need robust, road-tested strategies that combine old-school wisdom with new-school context so that we can flourish in the new professional reality.

  3. It can be difficult to understand our options and plan for a prosperous future.

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