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Sophia Grace Adler, 33, has been arrested and charged with Pierce's murder; she has pleaded not guilty. She made other film and television appearances, including documentaries about her life, made-for-TV films and even The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Police initially did not know her name and identified her as "Jane Doe," but friends who saw her photo on social media confirmed her identity as Dejanay Stanton.

Transexual ebony

We went together everywhere. Marshals Service in July in West Virginia, where he had been living for more than a month. Even though he did not identify as transgender, the HRC included his story because of the possibility that anti-trans bias because of his gender presentation figured in his death.

Transexual ebony

Transexual ebony

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  1. Police are continuing to investigate her murder.

  2. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office continued its practice of not using trans victims' preferred names. The are some discrepancies in the details about Flores-Pavon.

  3. A witness said Fortson fired a small gun into the air but then walked away.

  4. Wall, who lived in a mobile home near Pageland, S. During the pat-down, he revealed his birth sex to the officers.

  5. She was shot in the back of the head, causing her van to crash into a house.

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