Transcendentalism in pop culture


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What is the role of nature in your life? As a homework assignment, students can locate other examples of comics that would provide literary links to what you've studied and bring those comics to class along with a paragraph of explanation.

Transcendentalism in pop culture

Ask students to listen carefully and follow along with the lyrics while the song is playing. Session Three Return to the ideas gathered in the previous sessions and summarize what you've discovered about transcendentalism to this point.

Transcendentalism in pop culture

Transcendentalism in pop culture

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  1. Assign the final project for the unit , which will be used to assess students' understanding of the characteristics of transcendentalism.

  2. Questions e-f require more abstract thinking.

  3. To learn more about this complex philosophy visit the Web of American Transcendentalism. Provide students with another copy of the Examples of Transcendental Thought handout and the rubric for the activity.

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