Traditional wedding in cambodia


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My groom said he couldn't keep his eyes off of me since this was the first time he'd ever seen me in Khmer costumes and very dramatic makeup and hair. Knot-Tying Ceremony - Sompeas Ptem Right before this ceremony, the entire wedding party walks in a circle around the area where they will be sitting while the groom brandishes a sword in protection of his new bride.

Traditional wedding in cambodia

Let's just say it was enough to cover the honeymoon, new furniture, and a few month's rent. A bride wears a traditional "sampot" "sarong" dress and numerous jewellery. It is common that guests are encouraged to actively participate in the events.

Traditional wedding in cambodia

Traditional wedding in cambodia

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  1. The swimmer then swam to bring her to the ground but she was just dead. The sixth part of the Cambodian wedding is "Bongvul Pbopul".

  2. For more on this, see my hub: This was just after we exchanged our vows.

  3. Pairing Ceremony This is the final ritual of the wedding.

  4. A bride and groom honour their parents in the ceremony called "Bang Chhat Madaiy".

  5. We greeted our guests in a reception line, gave them flower corsages, and they entered the reception which took place outdoors, but under a wedding tent. A traditional Cambodian wedding has seven parts.

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