Tractor tires for flipping


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Walk backward while dragging the cross tire to work the front of your legs, or go forward to work the back of your legs. Whichever method you choose, your legs, arms and back will benefit from this exercise. With varying thicknesses, diameters, and weights, you could enjoy a wide range of work outs.

Tractor tires for flipping

Drive your feet into the floor while simultaneously driving your shoulders, chest and body into the tire. Placing your hands between your legs and close together might work for some but it is not suggested.

Tractor tires for flipping

Tractor tires for flipping

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  1. Delivery within 20 miles Included! Once the tire is off ground do not rest it on your knee.

  2. With varying thicknesses, diameters, and weights, you could enjoy a wide range of work outs.

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