Top ten things to do in darwin


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It is an amazing suburb. Did I mention that it is free?

Top ten things to do in darwin

I love, love, love Berry Springs Nature Park!! I fell from the centre of this dome and broke my wrist.

Top ten things to do in darwin

Top ten things to do in darwin

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  1. Desert Roses — these are near Wyndham, WA A network of walking trails winds through habitats like Rainforest Gully, the Baobab Collection, the exotic flora of the Plant Display House, a former church, and a boardwalk through the Mangroves.

  2. I was hoping Darwin had evolved a little since my childhood, whilst maintaining many of the attributes that I had loved during my own childhood except box jellyfish — I was happy for them to disappear.

  3. Red, the Barramundi Queen! T found this most interesting and spent a good hour looking around.

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