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While there's no guarantee that this will solve all parent-child conflicts, here are some options for kids, tweens and teens which have been shown to be quite popular. If you're looking for a cheaper SL alternative, look no further.

Top online virtual worlds

This sure is a plus! There are tons of these, both realistic as absurd.

Top online virtual worlds

Top online virtual worlds

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  1. Star Wars fans like me love this image: In Pet Society, players create their ultimate pet from the ground up, and are given a basic house in which their pet lives.

  2. In secondlife you have to pay around 6 bucks a week or get a premium account!

  3. The communication between players can take place, ranging from the graphical icon, text, sound, visual gesture, rarely, voice command, balance scenes and more. You have to take care because "profanities" will get you banned

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